Lights in the Heights

December 9, 2016


Each holiday season, the UHCA recognizes and awards residents and businesses for the hard work and creativity of decorating their properties, spreading holiday cheer and fostering a sense of camaraderie within our fine community. For those who love to decorate their homes/businesses for the holidays, we welcome your participation in this annual University Heights tradition. Just make sure your lights are on during the final judging on December 19, 2016.


The decorations will be judged on their beauty and originality, not necessarily on the cost invested or on the amount of decorations you have. This is a wonderful family activity, so let’s get out there and deck those halls!




Stonewall Citizens’ Patrol (SCP), San Diego’s LGBT & inclusive citizens safety organization, is celebrating its 10th anniversary of helping keep the streets of San Diego’s Uptown communities safe, secure and comfortable by operating as additional eyes and ears for local law enforcement and a visible deterrent for potential criminal behavior. Read the full announcement, including news on the appointment of the organization’s new executive director and board members.

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